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Illustration of LaunchPad

Illustration of LaunchPad

What is LaunchPad?

In the last batch of the Bridge Student Accelerator, we introduced Making with Python, a track that introduces code & the art of making to students who’ve never written code before. It was a blazing success and students completed the program with flying colors.

We want to now to take this to a next level because we realised that large no. of students have been telling themselves they cannot code or program for reasons their own, leading them to miss opportunities they could have been immensely successful at. More students could learn how to code and succeed if they simply had a great first exposure to the world of coding and making things.

Speckbit LaunchPad is a no strings attached approach to learning. Come, learn and leave. You don’t have to pay us a penny. And there are no hidden conditions. We want to see more success stories of people succeeding big. This is our small way of contributing to that.

What will I learn in the Program?

Python Foundations

We’ll be taking a all hands-on from scratch approach to teaching you how to code and build competence in Python. You can start from knowing nothing.

Git and Github
Git & GitHub

Git version control is the crux of every software project management. Learn how to keep track of your code and collaborate with others on GitHub.

Image Manipulations
Image Manipulations

Understand how images are stored and processed by computers and build your filters like on Instagram and add them to thousands of images on your system.

Working w/ Databases

Databases are the centre of all information systems. Be introduced to Relational Databases & build apps that store & retrieve data from persistent databases.

How it Works


LaunchPad is a blended learning program, it consists of both offline classes and self-learning through online platform provided by us.

Every week, the students shall attend classes in prescribed time for their respective batches. And go on to work on exercises and assignments for the rest of the week.

Bridge LaunchPad will be conducted in 3 different phases. The detailed curriculum for each phase will be updated as it commences.

The objective of each phase is to help each student excel through a particular skill. The goal is to create a thriving environment for students with immense potential. At the end of each phase, students will go through a assessment to qualify to the next phase.

If a given student does not meet the criteria, he/she shall not be eligible to attend any classes further.


All classes at LaunchPad will be hands-on which means, you'll be coding throughout all the classes. Which means, Laptops are Mandatory. We would not entertain students who don’t have a laptop to code through the sessions. Learning to code on a paper is just a plain waste of your time.

Every session happens between 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. After each session, there will be doubt clearing session from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM. This 30 mins block is not compulsory for everyone. All those who have doubts can stay and others can leave.

The students will be shortlisted based on first come first serve basis and will be filtered based on their profiles submitted.

The batch that each student will be a part of will be informed at least a week before the classes commence. Once assigned the batch will be final and cannot be changed.


Every week you’ll be given assignments to complete. Each assignment holds a score. You’re required to atleast score 80% of the total score in a phase to qualify to the next phase.

During Phase 3, you’ll be assigned mini-projects each week that is part of the graduation criteria.

What next?

If you go through the program sincerely and end up coding everyday consistently, you’ll have enough programming experience to apply for technical internships at startups and large organisations.

Though we do not promise internships, we always help outstanding candidates get what they deserve.

Session Overview

Program Fee


You don't have to pay us anything. No strings attached.


5:30pm - 8pm

Batch 1. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu.

Sessions Commence

July 8

(Ends July 25) 4 Sessions every week for 3 consecutive weeks.


Speckbit HQ

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If you’ve read everything about LaunchPad and want to be a part of our upcoming batch. Awesome. We’re super excited to host you. Please fill out the form to enroll. You’ll hear back from us within a week.

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